The Trust

The Mangatiti Landing Retreat was established as a Charitable Trust in January 2018 with the purpose of furthering environment education, the physical and spiritual training of young people, the encouragement of creative outdoor pursuits and activities and wilderness experiences for all people.

As a Trust we value ecological sustainability, with a focus on tree planting, weed and pest control. Working in partnership with DOC, iwi and other groups to control all predators. Our central theme is ‘We’re backing the birds’. We are focusing on using predator traps and devices without the use of 1080.

We are strong advocates of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship of the land), all Trust activities are carried out and developed in partnership with local hapu  (mana whenua). We are mindful of the revolutionary Te Awa Tupua Treaty Settlement and the aspirations of Whanganui iwi, and all our practices will promote an enduring and beneficial partnership with tangata whenua.

The Founding Trustees are:

Frank Roebuck created the vision of a wilderness retreat where people can get away from it all and recharge their batteries.

Graham (Baldy)  Haitana Trustee Pipiriki Corporation, Chairman of Tamahaki Kauni Hera Council of Hapu (Raetihi)

Robert (Boy) Cribb Trustee Te Whanau o Ticke Committee and the Mangapapapa Wangaunga Trust

Jon Parson retired secondary school teacher, sports coach, outdoor adventure leader and trust founder.

Peter Horsley former environmental lawyer, university lecturer and worked on Whanganui awa issues since the 1980

Rod Trott social and economic activist, engaged in a wide range of project principally around river valley land use and recreation.

Trustees Jon Parson (left) and Rod Trott at Mangatiti Landing